Comprehensive oral health check - up

Oral screening

Our most popular service!

A complete dental clinical examination of the oral cavity is carried out.

  • Specifically, the following are checked:
    all soft tissues of the mouth (tongue, lips, cheeks, palate)
  • gums and periodontium
  • the dentition

Research has shown that your mouth is a window to your overall health. For example, during a routine dental exam, we could detect signs of general health medical conditions manifested your oral cavity before you might experience any symptoms.

Thus, a complete and correct dental examination of the entire oral cavity becomes a necessity.


Prevention vs Intervention


Oral prophylaxis

Regular dental check-ups play a critical role in maintaining good oral health, as well as overall health. Early detection of dental problems can prevent them from progressing into more serious issues, which can lead to more extensive and costly treatment down the road.

Additionally, poor oral health has been linked to several systemic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, making regular dental check-ups even more important for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

We are committed to providing comprehensive dental check-ups to help our patients maintain optimal oral and overall health.

Prevention is more cost-effective than intervention.

Regular dental check-ups play a crucial role in preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems.

By catching these issues early, they can be treated before they become more severe and require costly treatment.

Additionally, regular visits to the dentist provide an opportunity to discuss any dental concerns you may have and receive personalized recommendations for maintaining good oral hygiene.

So, don’t wait until it’s too late, schedule your regular check-ups today!


Prevents tooth decay

Early oral disease detection

Removes extrinsic stains

Prevents gum disease

Prevents bad breath

Prevents gum disease

Lowers risk for diseases

Regular visits or not?

How often should i visit my dentist?

According to the American Dental Association, bi-annual professional cleanings are crucial for preventing tooth decay and gum disease, but those with severe periodontal disease should visit the dentist every three to four months.

Patients with orthodontic appliances are also recommended to have more frequent cleanings.

Although professional cleaning is necessary for all ages, daily oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing should still be done.

Regular visits to your dentist can help maintain good oral health and identify any potential problems early on.