How are diode lasers beneficial in dentistry?

  • Versatile and precise tool
  • Minimally invasive surgery device
  • Minimises working time
  • Induces faster healing
  • Minimises the risk of infections
  • Remove bacterial load causing infection and relieves of symptoms faster than conventional treatment
  • Minimises bleading during surgical intervention
  • Minimal to no pain post laser intervention

Is it safe to be treated with a diode laser?

Dr. Rallis is experienced in the field and conducts laser treatments in accordance with accepted clinical practices and standards.

He use diode dental laser in his day to day dental treatments.

If you are not comfortable with the process or have any queries, please feel fee to discuss it with us and we will explain everything in detail until you are satisfied.

What laser we use?

We use USA made EPIC X Diode laser by BIOLASE®.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimension 7 in (W) x 4.4 in (H) x 6.5 in (L) (14.5 cm x 11.2 cm x 16.5 cm)
  • Operating Voltage 100V – 240V at 1.5A
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Laser Classification Class IV (4)
  • Wavelength 940nm ± 10nm
  • Power Modes Continous, Pulse Modulation
  • Peak Power 10W
  • Fiber Tip Diameter 200µm, 300 µm, 400µm
  • Pulse Duration 01ms – 20ms
  • Pulse Interval 01ms – 20ms
  • Beam Divergence 8 –22° per side
  • Standard Fiber Cable 5 feet (1.5 meters)

Aachen Center for Laser Dentistry (AALZ)

We are an active member of Aachen Center for Laser Dentistry (AALZ) since 2019

In-office laser tooth whitening

Laser whitening is done in one appointment and the session lasts about an hour in total.

  • We first isolate the gums and lips with a special isolation material so that the whitening agent (gel) does not come into contact with the soft tissues and cause irritation.
  • The whitening gel is then placed on the outer surface of the teeth that will undergo whitening.
  • Then it is activated with the help of the diode laser for 2.5 minutes and left to act for 20 minutes.
    This process is repeated twice.
  • Finally, all the materials are removed and then we apply a desensitizing gel and you now have a brand new bright smile!

Diode laser frenectomy

Tight Tongue / lip Frenulum

A frenulum is a small fold of tissue that attaches the upper or lower lip to the gingiva (gum) or base of the tongue, restricting certain movements.
 However, in some cases, the frenulum is too short (tight) and restricts / prevents certain movements of the tongue or lip.
This restriction can make eating, talking or normal development difficult in children. Sometimes these restrictions can lead to aesthetic problems.

The solution to this problem is by removing this connection and relieving the connected tissues in order to expand their range of movement.

This procedure is done with the use of a diode laser which is a versatile, precice and minimally invasive surgical device , promotes faster healing, reduces infection risks and perfect haemostasis.

Diode laser gingival depigmentation

Hyperpigmented gums?

Gingival hyperpigmentation is a common cosmetic concern in patients with gummy smiles, or excessive gum tissue that is visible when smiling.
This type of pigmentation often occurs in the gums as a result of an abnormal deposition of melanin, due to which the gums may appear black.

A dental laser is an effective and safe means to removing hyperpigmentation from the gingiva.
Studies show that healing is quick and straightforward, without repigmentation.

Diode laser ablation is the most effective, reliable, and accurate method for removing hyper pigmented gingival tissue.

It has several advantages, including ease of use, short treatment time, immediate haemostasis (stopping of blood flow), and sterilisation (destruction of microorganisms) and promotes faster healing of the tissues.

Diode laser cold sore treatment

Cold sore – Herpes Simplex HSV

Cold sores are groups of small blisters on the lip and around the mouth that are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They can be spread when a person touches a cold sore or contacts infected fluid from sharing eating utensils, razors, or through kissing or touching that person’s saliva. Cold sores can heal on their own within a few days and then disappear within a couple of weeks. However, if they cause pain or make you feel self-conscious, they can be treated with creams, ointments, pills.

A more effective way to treat cold sores is through
diode laser therapy.

Laser treatment can reduce the number of cold sores you get and how severe they are. The herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores cannot be cured, but laser treatment often reduces the number of times you get cold sores. When cold sores recur in the same spot, treatment with a laser sometimes prevents them from appearing again in that spot.

Early treatment with laser therapy can help you to prevent cold sores from erupting.

If you feel a tingling sensation that warns of an oncoming sore, schedule an appointment with us.

We will use laser therapy to reduce discomfort, accelerate healing and shorten the duration of your outbreak.
If you already have a full-blown sore, the laser will reduce pain and help it heal more quickly.